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Eight ways your solar benefits everyone

The utilities killed the Solar Bill of Rights by falsely telling lawmakers that your solar is an expensive burden on the electrical grid. That claim, greased by campaign contributions and scores of lobbyists, prompted influential lawmakers to secretly gut the bill. 

Solar users know the truth: your solar system not only benefits you individually, but the entire community as well. Now, a new report by the nonprofit Environment America spells out many of the ways your solar benefits society. In this post, we summarize eight of those benefits. 

Solar Heros of the Month

These folks helped lead the successful grassroots opposition to the Sacramento utility's proposed $40-$60 per month solar fee. Since then, they've organized lobby days for the Solar Bill of Rights and launched a new campaign to improve their utility's approach to solar.

Solar Bill of Rights down, but not out. Here's the path forward.

Utility lobbyists killed the bill to protect your right to make solar energy without unfair fees or red tape, but they can't kill the idea. With more wildfires, blackouts and budget-busting electricity prices on the horizon, we need a Solar Bill of Rights more than ever. Your voice is key to stepping up the pressure and succeeding.

Net metering attack beginning to unfold

It is becoming increasingly clear that the utilities are setting the stage for an attack on net metering later this year. It is also clear that regulators and elected officials can easily fall prey to the utilities' false arguments about solar. Here's what you need to know so that you are ready to advocate.

When you show up, solar wins

“...your officials have an interest in getting re-elected. Meeting with them, expressing your point to them directly, I think it can have a big impact.”

 - Irvine resident Raj Pandey


Sacramento solar users aim for "The Utility of the Future"

In March, Sacramento area solar users banded together and stopped their local utility (SMUD) from hitting solar users with a punishing $40-$60 / month fee. Encouraged that their voices were heard by SMUD, these solar users are now campaigning to help SMUD become a "The Utility of the Future."

Keep those panels clean

This summer, give your panels a rinse. It doesn't have to be hard, and can improve your system performance. Get the quick tips, courtesy of solar pioneer Al Rich, President and Founder of ACR Solar. 

Your city may be lobbying to kill the Solar Bill of Rights

It isn't just private utilities like PGE who are trying to kill the Solar Bill of Rights. Lobbyists for the public utilities serving LA, Sacramento, Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, Anaheim, Riverside and many other cities are also working to preserve their ability to charge anti-solar fees.


Biggest domestic solar panel manufacturer steps up to support solar rights

SunPower, the country's largest domestic solar panel manufacturer, has stepped up in a big way to support your right to make solar energy without utility interference.

This anti-solar fee is exactly why we need the Solar Bill of Rights

In April, the Sacramento-area utility withdrew a terrible anti-solar fee after over a thousand local solar users spoke out. It was a triumph of people power, but underscores how none of us are safe from discriminatory fees that punish us for doing the right thing.