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My Inverter Went Out! Now What?

Quality solar panels are typically built, designed and installed with the guarantee the panels will produce energy for 25 years. Due to their very low maintenance design, most problems that you find with your system are not caused by the panels. Instead, they are typically an issue with other system components such as the solar inverter--which generally have a 10 year warranty-- charge controller, wiring or batteries. That said, most experienced solar professionals have found that when there are problems with the system, there are three simple steps a homeowner should take to troubleshoot their system. This article will explore a few free and simple tips to troubleshoot your inverter and ensure continually high energy production of your solar panels.

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Understanding Your “True-Up” Statement

Homeowners who go solar will see some changes to their utility bill. You will still get a monthly statement from your utility, but won’t be actually billed for your electricity usage until the end of the year, when you get your annual “True Up” Statement.  The True-Up Statement will include your annual utility bill, and a summary of your net electricity use. The True-Up Statement can sometimes be confusing to new solar owners. If you are a new solar owner, hopefully this article will help.

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Three Ways to Get More Out of Your Solar Panels

Assuming your solar system was built strategically to answer directly to your energy use needs, you should see quick and significant changes to your energy costs. However, as your panels withstand the elements of the season, there are three small steps you can take to ensure the savings you saw in your initial bills remain consistently high throughout the life of your system. Since residential solar installations are generally very low maintenance, you can rest assured that the steps to take to ensure top performance of your solar array are simple, free, and will promote high efficiency for the life of your panels.

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A Review of SEIA’S Solar Residential Consumer Guide

While making the decision to go solar might be easy for some, many homeowners and business owners may need some guidance on what the “next best step” should be. At the Solar Rights Alliance, we believe in education. The more someone learns about solar and how solar fits into their homes or business models, the more confident and content they will be with their investment. One great tool for homeowners is the Solar Residential Consumer Guide, written by the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA). This article will offer a short overview of what the guide is, how it can be used, and a few important topics to dedicate extra time to exploring.

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Six Tips for Finding The Right Solar Installer For You

You’ve decided to get serious about going solar for your home or business. You’ve completed your initial homework, including the recommendations in the Solar Energy Industry Association’s handy consumer guide. You are ready to find an installer who will do a great job at the right price. Now what?

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Solar owners in MA almost got hit with new fees just for going solar. CA solar owners, take note.

California solar owners: your fellow solar users in Massachusetts just dodged a bullet. Take notes because utilities will be back in California with the same nonsense soon enough. The more prepared we are, the better.

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The Monopoly Strikes Back

When you've had a monopoly for 100 years, you're used to getting your way no matter what. That probably explains why one local monopoly utility is suing the entire County of Riverside because they took a stand for solar rights.

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Got solar and surprised at your energy bill?

The folks at Run on Sun have a seminal blog post entitled "I've got solar; why is my bill so high?" intended for consumers who are surprised at the size of their end of year energy bill. It's a good read; check it out here. Note: this is not a product endorsement; we simply agree with the content of the blog post.

House Parties are the best

David and Laura Rusch of Culver City generously hosted 15 Solar Rights Alliance Members at their home this Sunday. The purpose was for area solar users to meet each other, share their reasons for going solar, and learn more about how they can stand up for solar rights. 

Check out some photos from the House Party.

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Riverside County Supervisors stand up for solar users

From yesterday's Desert Sun News:

"Riverside County took a big step Tuesday toward ordering the Imperial Irrigation District to bring back a popular rooftop solar program known as net metering, although the county's legal strategy is likely to be challenged in court."

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