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Four takeaways from LA Mayor Garcetti's big announcement

This week, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that the city will shut down three of its natural gas plants within the decade and replace with cleaner energy sources. This could be a big deal for LA residents interested in making and storing their own energy, but who have been put off by the cost or red tape up now. Read on for four takeaways from the announcement.

Four takeaways from the PGE situation

You may be wondering how the PGE bankruptcy will affect rooftop solar, even if you don't live in their service area. We were too, and called some experts to find out. Here's four takeaways:

Thank you! We're 70% on our way to our 2019 goal.

Thanks to the generosity of many solar users, Solar Rights Alliance is starting 2019 in a good financial position to defend and expand the freedom of solar energy in 2019. Our end of the year fundraising drive puts us 70% towards our 2019 budget, a good start for what will be a very busy year.

How we will fight barriers to solar in 2019

As the sun rises over 2019, our top priority is to fend off an expected utility attack on the net metering credit. But solar users might have a shot at knocking down several other big barriers to solar. Here's how your voice will be critical. 

Solar Rights Alliance members share their solar experiences

This fall, several Solar Rights Alliance members generously shared their experiences with solar. Together, they paint a picture of the diversity of solar - a farmer, a veteran, a retiree - but also the common values that connect solar users together. Watch them and decide for yourself. 

How's your town doing on solar?

Curious how your town and county stacks up with others in California on solar?

Who will be the 1 millionth solar user?

Somewhere in California, sometime in September, solar user number 800,000 started powering their home or business from the sun. Which begs the question: in 2019, who will be the one millionth solar user? 

How rooftop solar is one way to prevent wildfires

More rooftop solar and storage is one important way to reduce the risk of wildfires like the ones we've experienced this month, according to an opinion piece by Anne Hoskins, Sunrun policy chief and former Maryland energy regulator. 

Solar WakeUp Features Solar Rights Alliance

Influential solar newsletter SolarWakeUp featured a Q & A with Solar Rights Alliance executive director Dave Rosenfeld today. It's a good window into what we're trying to accomplish. 

Another utility trying to slap solar users with new fees

Just a few months after Massachusetts solar users fought off an attempt by their utility to slap them with new fees just for using solar, a South Carolina utility is pushing for the same. To Californians: we have escaped the worst of this kind of thing because we fought back hard. In other words, stay vigilant and keep standing up for your solar rights.