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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar

Get answers to the most common questions about solar energy.

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What do Solar Rights Alliance members think?

What do Solar Rights Alliance members think? We ask every new member to complete a survey so that we can be a more responsive organization. Here's a snapshot about what our members tell us is important to them.

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PV Magazine: "A voice for the solar consumer: the SRA"

Influential solar industry trade paper PV Magazine published a supportive piece about Solar Rights Alliance today. 

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You spoke, they listened: New tool to help avoid expensive evening rates

Last week, Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 700, which will make it cheaper for you to store your extra solar energy at home in a battery. This way you can use your own free energy at night, instead of buying the utility's expensive electricity.

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Six Tips for Deciding if Battery Storage is for You

Thinking of getting battery storage for your solar system? Here’s six tips to help you figure it all out.

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Understanding Your “True-Up” Statement

The True-Up Statement can sometimes be confusing to new solar owners. If you are a new solar owner, hopefully this article will help.

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My Inverter Went Out! Now What?

This article will explore a few free and simple tips to troubleshoot your inverter and ensure continually high energy production of your solar panels.

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Three Ways to Get More Out of Your Solar Panels

Assuming your solar system was built strategically to answer directly to your energy use needs, you should see quick and significant changes to your energy costs. However, as your panels withstand the elements of the season, there are three small steps you can take to ensure the savings you saw in your initial bills remain consistently high throughout the life of your system.

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A Review of SEIA’S Solar Residential Consumer Guide

A great tool for homeowners is the Solar Residential Consumer Guide, written by the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA). This article will offer a short overview of what the guide is, how it can be used, and a few important topics to dedicate extra time to exploring.

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Six Tips for Finding The Right Solar Installer For You

You’ve decided to get serious about going solar for your home or business. You’ve completed your initial homework, including the recommendations in the Solar Energy Industry Association’s handy consumer guide. You are ready to find an installer who will do a great job at the right price. Now what?