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How's your town doing on solar?

Curious how your town and county stacks up with others in California on solar?

Who will be the 1 millionth solar user?

Somewhere in California, sometime in September, solar user number 800,000 started powering their home or business from the sun. Which begs the question: in 2019, who will be the one millionth solar user? 

How rooftop solar is one way to prevent wildfires

More rooftop solar and storage is one important way to reduce the risk of wildfires like the ones we've experienced this month, according to an opinion piece by Anne Hoskins, Sunrun policy chief and former Maryland energy regulator. 

Solar WakeUp Features Solar Rights Alliance

Influential solar newsletter SolarWakeUp featured a Q & A with Solar Rights Alliance executive director Dave Rosenfeld today. It's a good window into what we're trying to accomplish. 

Another utility trying to slap solar users with new fees

Just a few months after Massachusetts solar users fought off an attempt by their utility to slap them with new fees just for using solar, a South Carolina utility is pushing for the same. To Californians: we have escaped the worst of this kind of thing because we fought back hard. In other words, stay vigilant and keep standing up for your solar rights. 

Solar Rights Alliance featured on The Energy Show podcast

Thanks to Barry Cinnamon of Spice Solar for hosting Solar Rights Alliance director Dave Rosenfeld on his podcast, The Energy Show

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty

As the old saying goes: "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty". Last week, an Arizona utility regulator was found to have literally repeated anti-rooftop solar talking points provided by utility industry lobbyists during a May phone call with a Wall Street analyst. It's the kind of thing many of us suspect happens all to frequently, and underscores the need for solar users to get organized.

My installer went out of business and I can't find anyone to repair my system. Now what?

Solar is typically a low-maintenance investment, and that's great. But nothing works perfectly for everyone. Maybe your inverter went out. Maybe you just want someone to check your system out and make sure it's working properly. You call your installer and learn they are no longer in business. What then?

Cheap shot at rooftop solar in SD Union Tribune story

Rooftop solar saves everyone money. What about this is so difficult for some pundits to understand?

CleanTechnica: Connecting Solar Owners in Support of Solar Rights

Nice feature of Solar Rights Alliance in CleanTechnica today!