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Solar Bill of Rights clears first hurdle

In front of a packed room of solar supporters (see below photo), a panel of powerful state lawmakers advanced the Solar Bill of Rights (SB 288) by a vote of 11-0 at the State Capitol in April. This, despite aggressive, misleading arguments against the bill by a crush of utility industry lobbyists.

Interview with Solar Rights Alliance Executive Director

The international solar inverter company SMA recently interviewed Solar Rights Alliance Executive Director about the organization and priorities. 

LA Times: Solar + Storage could be key to preventing wildfires

Bottom line? More planned electricity outages are on the way, but solar and storage can help. Here's seven takeaways (and one cool photo):

Alert: opt-out of Clean Power Alliance by March 31

To solar users Clean Power Alliance Service area: We recommend that you opt out of Clean Power Alliance right away. The deadline is March 31. You can opt-out of Clean Power Alliance by calling 888-585-3788. 

Listen: Solar Rights Alliance featured on Solar WakeUp Podcast

Dave Rosenfeld and Yann Brandt dig into why the Solar Bill of Rights could be awesome for solar, and how consumers and solar companies can work together to make it happen.

New report: No Competition Lets Electric Companies Overspend by Billions

A new report by a former federal regulator documents how the lack of competition has let electric utilities overspend billions of dollars in transmission and other projects. 

Go time! Five takeaways from the Solar Bill of Rights Kickoff

The Solar Bill of Rights campaign is officially live! A great crowd of solar homeowners, farmers, businesses and workers joined the bipartisan duo State Senators Scott Wiener and Jim Nielsen on the steps of the State Capitol on Feb. 19th to announce the introduction of the Solar Bill of Rights. Here's five takeaways:

Watch: Solar Bill of Rights Kickoff footage

Missed the Solar Bill of Rights Kickoff? We got you covered -- check out the awesome speakers and some news clips. Thanks to Senator Scott Wiener's office for the video footage. 

Four takeaways from LA Mayor Garcetti's big announcement

This week, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that the city will shut down three of its natural gas plants within the decade and replace with cleaner energy sources. This could be a big deal for LA residents interested in making and storing their own energy, but who have been put off by the cost or red tape up now. Read on for four takeaways from the announcement.

Four takeaways from the PGE situation

You may be wondering how the PGE bankruptcy will affect rooftop solar, even if you don't live in their service area. We were too, and called some experts to find out. Here's four takeaways: