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Solar owners in MA almost got hit with new fees just for going solar. CA solar owners, take note.

California solar owners: your fellow solar users in Massachusetts just dodged a bullet. Take notes because utilities will be back in California with the same nonsense soon enough. The more prepared we are, the better.

The Monopoly Strikes Back

When you've had a monopoly for 100 years, you're used to getting your way no matter what. That probably explains why one local monopoly utility is suing the entire County of Riverside because they took a stand for solar rights.

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Got solar and surprised at your energy bill?

The folks at Run on Sun have a seminal blog post entitled "I've got solar; why is my bill so high?" intended for consumers who are surprised at the size of their end of year energy bill. It's a good read; check it out here. Note: this is not a product endorsement; we simply agree with the content of the blog post.

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House Parties are the best

David and Laura Rusch of Culver City generously hosted 15 Solar Rights Alliance Members at their home this Sunday. The purpose was for area solar users to meet each other, share their reasons for going solar, and learn more about how they can stand up for solar rights. 

Check out some photos from the House Party.

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Riverside County Supervisors stand up for solar users

From yesterday's Desert Sun News:

"Riverside County took a big step Tuesday toward ordering the Imperial Irrigation District to bring back a popular rooftop solar program known as net metering, although the county's legal strategy is likely to be challenged in court."

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June 2018 Newsletter

This newsletter highlights the terrific work Solar Rights Alliance members did this Spring to stand up for their rights, as well as other information that I hope you find useful. I am very proud to be working with you. Please keep it up!

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Hooray! Energy Storage Proposal Clears Another Hurdle

This afternoon, a panel of state lawmakers stood up to the utility monopoly and advanced a proposal to make energy storage less expensive for more people!

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Our take on new solar building rules

Starting in 2020, new residential buildings must be outfitted with solar panels, according to new rules adopted by state officials at the California Energy Commission in May.

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Our Letter of Opposition to the Utility Solar Power Grab

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Rooftop Solar Saves Everyone Money. Here's Why.

Rooftop solar reduces the cost of running the electricity grid. That saves ratepayers real money.