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Behold, the Utility Solar Power Grab

This week, state lawmakers in Sacramento will discuss a utility-backed bill containing provisions that effectively allow the utilities to seize control of all rooftop solar power in California. 

Our take: It's a flagrant power grab by the utilities that could strip away our right to install solar or storage, even in their own home.

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Battery Net Metering a Potential Reality for Californians

California regulators are considering a proposal to credit solar owners who use batteries to export to the grid at night. This would be an welcome extension of the existing "net metering" policy for California solar owners. Read the entire rundown at GreenTech Media.  

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Solar Owners, Take a Bow

Last week, state officials in charge of managing California’s electricity grid reported that California ratepayers will save $2.6 billion over the next year thanks in large part to rooftop solar owners.

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Defending solar choice in 2018

In the months ahead, we expect significant attacks on the freedom to choose solar energy. Get ready to stand up for your rights. 

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“We should be focusing on the technologies of the future, not the dinosaur technology of the past,”

I love this New York Times story by Ivan Penn about solar activist Debbie Dooley: A Gun-Owning Trump Fan’s New Crusade: Clean Energy

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PGE Announces Rate Changes

If you are a longtime solar homeowner in PG&E territory, you may be affected by a PG&E rate change this month.


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Why net metering is critical to California's solar future

Check out the Chair of Solar CitiSuns' Board of Directors take on net metering in the Los Angeles Daily News.

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Recap of Net Metering 2.0 news coverage

It is good to remember that back in 2016, the freedom to choose solar narrowly escaped a thrashing by the utility lobbyists. Here's a quick roundup of news coverage from that time, for posterity's sake.