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Riverside County Supervisors stand up for solar users

From yesterday's Desert Sun News:

"Riverside County took a big step Tuesday toward ordering the Imperial Irrigation District to bring back a popular rooftop solar program known as net metering, although the county's legal strategy is likely to be challenged in court."

June 2018 Newsletter

This newsletter highlights the terrific work Solar Rights Alliance members did this Spring to stand up for their rights, as well as other information that I hope you find useful. I am very proud to be working with you. Please keep it up!

Hooray! Energy Storage Proposal Clears Another Hurdle

This afternoon, a panel of state lawmakers stood up to the utility monopoly and advanced a proposal to make energy storage less expensive for more people!

Our take on new solar building rules

Starting in 2020, new residential buildings must be outfitted with solar panels, according to new rules adopted by state officials at the California Energy Commission in May.

Our Letter of Opposition to the Utility Solar Power Grab

Rooftop Solar Saves Everyone Money. Here's Why.

Rooftop solar reduces the cost of running the electricity grid. That saves ratepayers real money.

Behold, the Utility Solar Power Grab

This week, state lawmakers in Sacramento will discuss a utility-backed bill containing provisions that effectively allow the utilities to seize control of all rooftop solar power in California. 

Our take: It's a flagrant power grab by the utilities that could strip away our right to install solar or storage, even in their own home.

Battery Net Metering a Potential Reality for Californians

California regulators are considering a proposal to credit solar owners who use batteries to export to the grid at night. This would be an welcome extension of the existing "net metering" policy for California solar owners. Read the entire rundown at GreenTech Media.  

Solar Owners, Take a Bow

Last week, state officials in charge of managing California’s electricity grid reported that California ratepayers will save $2.6 billion over the next year thanks in large part to rooftop solar owners.

Defending solar choice in 2018

In the months ahead, we expect significant attacks on the freedom to choose solar energy. Get ready to stand up for your rights.