Board Members

Rick Brown, PhD, President, TerraVerde Renewable Partners

Dr. Brown launched TerraVerde Renewable Partners, an energy and solar advisory firm in 2009. As President of TerraVerde, he leads a team that has helped schools and other public agencies implement solar, battery storage and energy conservation projects at over 120 sites, with an additional 40 project sites under development. He was also closely involved in the crafting of SB 73, legislation guiding development of California’s Prop 39 program, and regularly testifies before California Public Utilities Commission and California Energy Commission on energy conservation and clean energy issues.


Tom Fendley

Mr. Fendley is a long-time leader in the environmental sector, having served as a strategist, organizer, and consultant for a variety of clean energy organizations, such as Ceres, Greenpeace USA, and Environment America. He possesses a strong political background from his experiences as a political director and coordinator and has successfully managed campaigns at the state and local levels. Currently, Mr. Fendley is a realtor in Sonoma County, specializing in solar homes.


Surabhi Konkar

Surabhi Konkar is a mother of two young children and a proud solar energy system owner. She has a masters degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked for a number of years in the engineering and energy consulting fields. The experience of owning a solar energy system and her desire for a secure and sustainable future or her children has made her a staunch promoter of solar energy.


David Rusch

Born in Wisconsin, David Rusch moved to California in 1978, where he and his wife raised their three children. He joined the solar community last February, installing solar into his home. He holds a masters degree in Elementary Education from Wagner College and has been an educator and school administrator for 44 years.