Cheap shot at rooftop solar in SD Union Tribune story

Rooftop solar saves everyone money. What about this is so difficult for some pundits to understand?

The SD Union Tribune did an in-depth look at why San Diego Gas & Electric rates are so high, even for the standards of the other monopoly utilities. It was a thorough piece, except for a cheap shot at rooftop solar at the very end of the article. 

There, without any substantiation, it repeated the tired canard that rooftop solar is partly responsible for increasing rates.

We will again reiterate the substantiated fact that when residents choose to make their own energy from solar, all ratepayers save money. That's because solar users put less stress on the grid, reducing the need for expensive infrastructure investments and maintenance -- $2.5 billion in savings this year alone. Read more here. And enjoy this cool photo of a solar home!