Defending solar choice in 2018

Defending solar choice in 2018

In the months ahead, we expect significant attacks on the freedom to choose solar energy. Get ready to stand up for your rights. 

In recent years the utilities spent millions of ratepayer dollars successfully lobbying state officials to impose new fees on solar owners, weaken net metering, and kill off new incentives for storing our solar energy at home.

We expect more of the same soon, plus a new attempt to grab exclusive monopoly control over all solar and storage in California. Here is the actual language of proposal and fact sheet by some of our allies.

We also have opportunities. Over 100,000 people went solar last year; there are now over 700,000 "solar citisuns", according to California Distributed Generation Statistics. If we speak together, we can defend and expand our rights, and the rights of others, to choose solar energy.

Solar CitiSuns will make sure you have every chance to be at the center of the action to defend solar choice and all the benefits that come from it. Stay tuned!.

Again, thank you for being a Solar CitiSun!