Be a Champion for Solar

Contributions are not tax deductible.

From Dave, Solar Rights Alliance Executive Director:

Thank you for considering a contribution to the Solar Rights Alliance! 

We are a grassroots organization that depends on member contributions to keep the doors open. Your financial support helps pay the bills and ensures we are independent and responsive only to solar owners and supporters like you. 

Here are a few expenses your contribution will help pay for:

 -- Staff to stay current on what's happening in the State Capitol, inform and mobilize solar users, and work with volunteers to do the same.

 -- Internet, website, phone and programming costs, so we can all stay connected.

 -- The "little things" that add up for a nonprofit, such as legal costs, printing and travel.

We are committed to keeping things lean and no-frills at Solar Rights Alliance, so your dollar is used as effectively as possible. Thank you!