Hooray! Energy Storage Proposal Clears Another Hurdle

Hooray! Energy Storage Proposal Clears Another Hurdle

This afternoon, a panel of state lawmakers stood up to the utility monopoly and advanced a proposal to make energy storage less expensive for more people!

I am encouraged, and proud of the many Solar Rights Alliance members who contacted their state representatives in support of the proposal, SB 700. Nice work!

Energy storage lets solar users store their extra solar energy in batteries during the day, so they can use it at night, rather than paying the utility. It helps many consumers reduce their electricity bill to almost zero. It is a game-changer for those who are getting hit with bigger evening electricity rates. 

But energy storage still too expensive for most. If SB 700 passes, more Californians could access a rebate on battery storage for their home or business. The rebate will drive down the price for consumers. Over time, the the rebate will no longer be needed. This is similar to the idea that launched rooftop solar ten years ago. 

We are not done yet -- and your voice is still needed. SB 700 still has several more steps before becoming law. Utility lobbyists might still squash the bill like they did last year. [1]

Please stay tuned to more updates and be ready to act again shortly. 

Thanks again!!

-- Dave Rosenfeld, Executive Director

[1] SB 700 cleared the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee today, and now heads to the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Read SB 700 and track its progress in the State Capitol.