How rooftop solar is one way to prevent wildfires

More rooftop solar and storage is one important way to reduce the risk of wildfires like the ones we've experienced this month, according to an opinion piece by Anne Hoskins, Sunrun policy chief and former Maryland energy regulator. 

Key takeaways:

1. Delivering electricity over long distances requires high-voltage power lines that can spark if they come in contact with each other or with dry vegetation.

2. We're likely to experience even more frequent planned power outages as utilities do more to prevent sparking power lines.

3. We should do more to help people install more rooftop solar and batteries inside cities and towns and at critical public facilities, such as schools, hospitals and community centers.

4. This helps residents, businesses and critical institutions stay functional during planned outages.

5. It also also would help first responders to focus their efforts in an emergency.

6. It would also help all California's save money because more rooftop solar and storage reduces the need to move energy over long distances. Ratepayers already saved $2.6 billion this year in reduced grid infrastructure costs thanks in part to rooftop solar. 

Read the full piece here.

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