IID Customer Petition

IID Customer Petition

Tell the IID Board of Directors to let you Turn on Your Solar Array! 

Are you a customer of the Imperial Irrigation Districts who has been prevented from turning on your solar energy system due to the sudden changes in the Net Metering Rules? Please sign this letter to tell the IID Board to let you turn on your solar array under the previous NEM tariff.

May 12, 2016


Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors

333 E. Barioni Blvd

P.O. Box 937

Imperial, CA 92251


Dear Members of the IID Board:


As your customers, we are writing to express our collective grievance and incredulity over the handling of our interconnection applications for the solar energy systems installed on our properties. We are writing to ask for your immediate attention to this matter.

For over two months, we have been patient; waiting for clarity on the status of our pending interconnection requests thrown into limbo on February 26th with the sudden and unanticipated announcement that IID would no longer be accepting any Net Energy Metering (NEM) applications. We are shocked to learn that applications submitted prior to February 26th may not to be honored and that there was such a lack of transparency and public notification of the situation. Further, we do not understand the decision process of the May 11th Board meeting that rejected a staff proposal to allow the vast majority of our rooftop solar systems to interconnect under the previous NEM tariff.

As you know, without the ability to interconnect to the electric grid, our solar energy systems are not able to “turn on.”  This means that our solar energy systems are not able to generate pollution-free electricity during the summer months, when electricity is most needed throughout the desert region. We made investments in solar energy as a way to save money and achieve greater economic stability for our families. The apparent lack of concern to our situation by IID is causing us financial harm and hardship that is of great concern.

It is also upsetting that IID has had a policy of requiring consumers to apply for a rebate before applying for interconnection. Because the rebate application has taken months to process, many of us fell into this state of limbo as a direct result of that delay. It also potentially means that, ironically, many of us are ineligible for full Net Energy Metering. Without Net Energy Metering, the rebate is virtually useless.

It is our request that all customer-sited rooftop solar energy systems be immediately interconnected to the grid under the NEM tariff that existed when the permission to operate application was submitted to IID. We respectfully request that the board go one step further and reevaluate IID’s commitment to clean energy, customer service and customer-sited rooftop solar energy via continuing to offer its full Net Energy Metering program at least until IID has hit its 5% cap, defined by using the same methodology that Southern California Edison is required to use. We, IID customers, should not be at a disadvantage compared to our neighbors in Palm Springs, for example.

We invested our time and money in solar energy because we believe in taking personal action and responsibility to invest in a clean, reliable and locally abundant energy resource. We strongly believe that we, as your customers, should have the right to go solar and that IID should not hinder that right but rather be a partner in developing a viable rooftop solar option for your customers. Rooftop solar power benefits the economy, the environment, all ratepayers and the utility.

We respectfully ask you to direct your staff to allow our solar energy systems to interconnect under your previous NEM tariff immediately, and to please reevaluate your commitment to rooftop solar energy.

Your Customers,

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