The Solar Bill of Rights

The Solar Bill of Rights

In these uncertain times, everyone should be free to make their own energy from the sun.

Wildfires. Blackouts. Bankruptcies. Budget-busting electricity prices.

It's no wonder more and more Californians are looking to solar energy. Homeowners, farmers, renters, schools and businesses alike want more peace of mind and control than what the utilities can offer. 

So why are the utilities still putting up barriers to solar?

The electric utilities spend millions of ratepayer dollars lobbying to make it harder and more expensive to go solar, such as:

  • Attacks on your right to make and store your own solar energy. It should be settled by now. Your solar energy is yours, period. But the utilities still want to lock in a monopoly on producing and selling solar energy. One of their proposals was so bad, it would have forced you to give up your solar energy to the utility, and then required you to buy it back from them.

  • Red tape. It should be easy for you to add battery storage in your home or business, so you can keep your extra energy rather than giving it away to the utility. But the utilities often force customers to wait months or longer before they can use their batteries.

  • Attacks on net metering. You should get a fair credit for your extra solar energy. It's local, clean and cheaper than energy piped in from far away. But the utilities tried to kill the net metering credit in 2016, and we expect them to try again this year.

It's time for state lawmakers to stand up to the utility monopoly.

You’d think the utilities have more important things to worry about than suppressing the public's right to make their own solar energy. But the fact is, when you choose solar for your home or enterprise, the utility monopoly weakens. They won't give up their monopoly unless state lawmakers step in.

It's time to expand the personal freedom to make solar energy.

In these times, we must knock down every barrier that stands in the way of people making, storing and sharing their own solar energy. That’s good for individuals, free enterprise and our community.

It's time for the Solar Bill of Rights.

The Solar Bill of Rights is a new, bipartisan proposal (Senate Bill 288) authored by State Senators Scott Wiener and Jim Nielsen. The Solar Bill of Rights will expand personal freedom by guaranteeing:

  • Your right to make and store solar energy on your property without interference from the utility. 

  • Your right to connect your solar and storage to the grid quickly, without utility red tape. 

  • Your freedom from unfair fees that discriminate against you just for having solar. 

The Solar Bill of Rights will also expand the ability to share extra energy with the grid, and get a fair credit in return.

Make your voice heard: Ask your state lawmaker to support the Solar Bill of Rights

To be delivered to your California Senator and Assemblymember:

"Please stand up for the people and co-author the Solar Bill of Rights (SB 288) to guarantee:

1) Our right to make solar energy without the utility in the way.

2) Our right to connect solar to the grid quickly and cheaply.

3) Freedom from unfair fees that discriminate against solar users.

The Solar Bill of Rights will also allow more Californians share their extra energy with the grid, and get a fair credit in return.

The Solar Bill of Rights is co-authored by Senators Wiener and Nielsen. Please join them in standing up for more energy independence. Thank you."