We've Changed Our Name!

We've Changed Our Name!

We are very excited to announce that Solar CitiSuns has changed our name to the Solar Rights Alliance.

Here is why we changed our name:

1. It better describes who we are: California solar users coming together to defend the right to choose solar. 

2. It more clearly promotes the idea that every California has the right to make their own energy from the sun, without interference from the utility. 

3. It is easier to remember and spell, which will help attract more solar users to get involved and take action so that together, we can make a bigger difference. 

Nothing else has changed; we are still laser focused on the same mission. With utility lobbyists pounding the pavement at the State Capitol as we speak to seize control of rooftop solar (among other shenanigans), we have too much work to skip a beat.

As always, thank you so much for your support. Onward!

--Dave Rosenfeld, Executive Director