PGE Announces Rate Changes

PGE Announces Rate Changes

If you are a longtime solar homeowner in PG&E territory, you may be affected by a PG&E rate change this month.


Here’s the inside scoop – PG&E is eliminating the E-7 residential electric rate on May 30th. E-7 is an old rate that includes a small subsidy for solar. It was closed to new customers years ago, and now PG&E is going to get rid of it for legacy customers as well.

If you are on E-7 and don’t take any action, PG&E will put you on a new rate called E-TOU-A. However, there is another rate called E-6 that is better for most solar customers, and some customers will do better with other options.

Here are your options:

  • If you pay more than $175 per month for electricity, even with the solar panels, you are probably best on E-TOU-B.
  • If you use a lot more electricity before 7 pm than after 7 pm, you may do best on E-1.
  • If you have an electric vehicle, you probably want to be on a rate called EV.
  • Otherwise, a typical residential solar customer will do best on E-6.

If you are a newer solar customer and are on E-1, you may want to consider going to E-6 before the window closes at the end of this month. Again, if you have typical energy usage patterns with as much evening usage as afternoon usage, E-6 is a good option.

To change your rate, call PG&E’s solar hotline at 877-743-4112.