Recap of Net Metering 2.0 news coverage

Recap of Net Metering 2.0 news coverage

It is good to remember that back in 2016, the freedom to choose solar narrowly escaped a thrashing by the utility lobbyists. Here's a quick roundup of news coverage from that time, for posterity's sake. 

Los Angeles Times, 2/10/16

California solar industry job growth reaches record levels


Solar Industry Magazine, 1/28/16

The Verdict Is In: CPUC Preserves Net Metering In California


Los Angeles Times, 1/28/16

California regulators narrowly approve new costs for solar owners


PV Magazine, 1/28/16

California regulators approve net metering 2.0


Washington Post, 1/26/16

Going green can add value to your home


Sacramento Bee, 1/23/16

California should resist utility attacks on rooftop solar


Los Angeles Times, 1/22/16

Last-minute maneuvering by utilities could throw a shadow over California's solar revolution


San Francisco Chronicle, 1/22/16

California regulators must extend solar energy incentives


San Diego Union-Tribune, 1/21/16

Expanding solar rate program right choice for energy future


KQED, 1/11/16

Solar Surges Past Wind, Hydro as California’s No. 1 Renewable Energy Source