Solar Owners, Take a Bow

Solar Owners, Take a Bow

Last week, state officials in charge of managing California’s electricity grid reported that California ratepayers will save $2.6 billion over the next year thanks in large part to rooftop solar owners.

How’s that? Officials with the California Independent System Operating Corp. (CAISO) report that they cancelled 18 electricity transmission projects and revised 23 others for the coming year, saying:

“The changes were mainly due to changes in local area load forecasts, and strongly influenced by energy efficiency programs and increasing levels of residential, rooftop solar generation.”

That’s you.

In other words, so many people are choosing to make their own energy from solar that there is less need for expensive construction or upgrading of power lines, substations, and other infrastructure.

Take a bow.

This news is significant for our efforts to defend the freedom to go solar without interference from the utilities.

That’s because the utilities often claim that the value of rooftop is solar is small and that the only way to meet the state’s energy needs is through massive, expensive, centralized ratepayers’ expense.

The CAISO report pokes a big hole in the utilities’ claim and provides more evidence that rooftop solar is, in fact, grossly undervalued as a strategy to meet our energy needs at a lower cost.

Read the entire 350 page report here. Or just celebrate your choice to go solar -- and the benefits to both you and the general public.