Support the Solar Bill of Rights!

Support the Solar Bill of Rights!

Local solar in California is under siege.

Help fight back.

The electric utility monopoly is waging a multi-million dollar attack on our right to choose solar for our homes, schools and businesses. They are lobbying to slap higher fees on solar owners, impose more red tape to install solar, cut the credit for giving solar energy back to the grid, and more. At stake is the freedom and independence that comes with solar.

It is time for a Solar Bill of Rights -- a law that recognizes the right of every Californian to choose and control how they get their energy, without the utility getting in the way.

A Solar Bill of Rights will ensure that:

Your solar energy is yours, always -- to use, to store, or to give back to the grid with compensation. The utility should never be able to take that away from you.

No more red tape and extra fees. No matter where you live, you should be able to interconnect solar panels and batteries to the grid instantaneously at no or little cost.

Fair credit for sharing your extra energy. Your solar energy should be considered a valuable, clean resource for the community -- and you should be credited appropriately for sharing your extra energy with the grid.