Behold, the Utility Solar Power Grab

Behold, the Utility Solar Power Grab

This week, state lawmakers in Sacramento will discuss a utility-backed bill containing provisions that effectively allow the utilities to seize control of all rooftop solar power in California. 

Our take: It's a flagrant power grab by the utilities that could strip away our right to install solar or storage, even in their own home.

At issue is Senate Bill 1088, sponsored by Sen. Bill Dodd, to be discussed in the Senate Government Organization Committee this week. SB 1088 would effectively prohibit anyone other than the utility from installing or owning rooftop solar. They claim the proposal is necessary in order to prevent fires like the ones that have devastated parts of the state in recent years -- implying that rooftop solar and storage is somehow dangerous unless the utility controls it.

It's utter hogwash, but still, state lawmakers will spend time this week discussing the proposal. 

-- Here's some information about the issue from a coalition of advocacy groups.

-- Here's a link to email your state lawmakers in opposition

Stay tuned, we'll have a report shortly.