Solar is under attack. Fight back. Defend your rights.

California’s monopoly utilities are waging a multi-pronged attack on our individual rights and our ability to put solar on our homes, our schools, our businesses. At stake is our freedom to cut the cord to ever-rising energy bills, and generate and store clean energy when and how we see fit.

While California has led the nation on protecting the rights of private property owners and renters to go solar, these rights are not set in stone and are constantly under attack.

For example, right now in California, the powerful utilities are lobbying to...

...slap higher fees on solar owners,

...impose more red tape for installing solar,

...cut the credit for giving solar energy back to the grid,

...grab exclusive control over all solar and battery storage, and more.

The bottom line: utilities are serious about holding onto their monopoly. One California regulator once warned that the utilities would like to "strangle rooftop solar if they could." We need to stop them.

Solar owners across California are fighting back.

It is time for a Solar Bill of Rights -- a law that recognizes the right of every Californian to choose and control how they get their energy without the utility getting in the way.

A Solar Bill of Rights will ensure that:

Your solar energy is yours, always -- to use, to store, or to give back to the grid with compensation. The utility should never be able to take that right from you.

No more red tape and extra fees. Solar users, no matter where you live, should be able to interconnect solar panels and batteries to the grid instantaneously at no or little cost.

Fair credit for sharing your extra energy. Your solar energy should be considered a valuable, clean resource for the community -- and you should be credited appropriately for sharing your extra energy with the grid.

How will the Solar Bill of Rights help?

The Solar Bill of Rights will ensure that the rights of individuals are not undermined by the utility, no matter how much political power the utility has.

That means...

… the rights of individuals are not thwarted by homeowner associations or other bureaucracies that may stand in the way of investments in private property.

...that the people who choose to invest in their own solar energy system have peace of mind that the rules of the game won’t be changed mid-stream, no matter who is in power in Sacramento.

...that solar consumers have greater protection from arbitrary and excessive charges placed on them by their local utility company.

...that solar users in every city and town in California can easily get a solar permit and interconnect to the grid without unnecessary red-tape and costly fees.

… that local, homegrown solar electricity is highly valued by the utility and their regulators, and that solar users are fairly and accurately compensated when they send their excess electricity back to the grid.

Can we stand up to the utility monopoly?

Yes! On the one hand, the utilities have swarms of Sacramento lobbyists and lawyers who spend lavishly on politicians' campaigns.

But, there are nearly 800,000 solar owners across California -- and many more who don’t have solar yet but who want the right to choose solar in the future.

We can be a powerful force -- if we speak together!

Nevada solar owners did it. So can California!

After Nevada lawmakers abruptly ended net metering in 2015, thousands of solar owners in Nevada organized in defense of their solar rights -- and won.

Today, Nevada law enshrines the freedom to choose renewable energy, and blocks utilities and the government from standing in the way with red tape and unfair fees. 

We must do the same in California -- before the utilities erode our right to choose energy independence for our homes and businesses.

How can I help?

Glad you asked! We need every solar owner to step up, however they can. Your voice will create a groundswell that overcomes the entrenched utility monopoly lobby.

Here are three steps to get started:

1. Sign the Solar Bill of Rights petition to your state lawmakers.

2. Volunteer. Schedule a 20 minute phone call with our Executive Director to discuss a specific volunteer role that's right for you.

3. Donate to Solar Rights Alliance so that we have the resources to mobilize California's 700,000 solar owners around this campaign.

Petition to be delivered to The California State Legislature:

California's electric utility monopoly is working to make it harder and more expensive for people to go solar.

Please stand up for the people and pass a Solar Bill of Rights that guarantees the following:

1) Our right to make solar energy without the utility in the way.

2) Our right to connect solar to the grid quickly and cheaply.

3) Our right to get a fair credit for the extra energy we give back to the grid.