About Solar Rights Alliance

Who we are

We are among the 700,000 California consumers who have invested in solar energy. We are Homeowners, Renters, Businesses, Farmers, Nonprofits, Schools, Churches, and Farmers. 

We welcome solar supporters who don’t have solar yet. We have formed into a nonprofit 501(c)4 organization so we can defend our rights. Meet the Solar Rights Alliance Board of Directors.

What we believe

Everyone should have the right to generate his or her own power directly from the sun and that no monopoly company or special interest should try to block or “own” the sun.

That means:

Your solar energy is yours, not the utility's. We fight back against any effort by the utility to control rooftop solar.

Interconnecting to the grid should be fast and cheap, with no red tape. That goes for both solar and battery storage.

You should get a fair credit for sharing your extra energy. Your solar energy is a valuable, clean resource for the community, and you should be credited as such when you share it with the grid.

Why we started Solar Rights Alliance

Across California, lobbyists for the utility industry are pushing to slap solar owners with higher fees, cut the net metering credit, seize monopoly control over rooftop solar, and more.

These are serious threats. The utilities spend nearly $7 million a year lobbying and making contributions to state lawmakers from both parties.

A longtime government insider recently warned state regulators that California utilities would like to “strangle rooftop solar if they could.”

Why solar users can fight back and defend their rights

There are over 700,000 solar users in California, located in every corner of the state. More are joining our ranks every day. We don't have the money and political power of the utilities. But when we speak up together, our sheer numbers can tip the balance in favor of solar.  

How can I help?

So many ways! Your voice and actions are at the center of Solar Rights Alliance.

1. Join the Solar Rights Alliance

It’s free and will help you stay in the loop about the latest threats to the right to choose solar and how to quickly email your lawmakers when the need arises.

2. Talk to your state lawmakers

The best way to defend your solar rights is to talk face-to-face with your state lawmakers. You don’t have to come all the way to Sacramento. Keep it local; attend their town hall meetings or arrange for a coffee meeting with you and other area solar owners.

3. Get together with solar owners in your town

Host a Solar House Party to bring local solar owners and supporters together. It is good for everyone to get to know each other. It doesn’t have to be a mass rally to be effective. Five people working together locally can make a huge difference.

4. Donate to the Solar Rights Alliance

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention money. Solar Rights Alliance is a lean ship. We have just one paid staffperson and everything else is done by volunteers. But we still need money to keep the doors open and remain independent and responsive to solar owners. Would you consider donating $5/month or more?

Got other ideas? Need a little guidance to get you started?

Awesome! Schedule a 20 minute phone call with Solar Rights Alliance's executive director, Dave. He can help figure out a plan that fits your schedule and interests. Schedule a call with Dave here.

Thanks for being here. Defending the right to choose solar energy is a really cool and impactful way to make a difference. Kudos for you for everything you do!